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TRE® evening group

The evening consists of a short, guided grounding meditation enabling us all to arrive fully and be present for each other. Followed by a sharing circle: anyone who feels moved can share with the group what is troubling, depressing, or exciting at the moment. Compassionate listening and the container of the group supports and helps with facing challenges or major life changes. I will ask everyone for absolute confidence. What is being said in the group stays in the group.

Then we "tremble" together. TRE® (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises) is a method to help your body release old (or newly acquired) tensions and trauma. With a few simple exercises that come from traditions such as yoga and tai chi, we bring certain muscles into a state of fatigue and simultaneous stretching, which then triggers a natural occurring, "neurogenic" tremor. The exercises developed by Dr. David Berceli, a US-based psychologist and researcher, are very easy to perform and do not require any prior knowledge.

Short explanatory video about TRE®

The founder Dr. Berceli explains the medical background of TRE®

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