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My offerings


One-on-one sessions

1 hour - € 70

In my individual sessions we work on solving current problems. How this will look varies from client to client. I offer a free 15 minute phone call, where we can find out if we want to work together and what this will look like. Please get in touch  to make an appointment.


TRE® group evening


1 - 1.5 hours -  € 25

We come together to listen to and be present for each other. The evening consists of three parts: ... click here for more information


Breathwork group

Approx. 3 hours -  € 200

More information soon.


Sacred Nature Walks


I only organize Sacred Nature Walks by appointment with clients I have been working with for a longer time.

We spend the whole day walking through the forest, visiting places of power, and connecting with nature and ourselves through special exercises tailored to you.

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